Get your backup routine in place now, before it is too late…

We are taking the unusual step today of publishing a warning about a specific virus.  We do not normally do this because as long as you take sensible precautions such as avoiding opening email attachments that you are not expecting and avoiding pop-up messages when browsing the web or downloading applications without checking their worthiness [...]

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Windows XP End of Life Warning

It has been reported recently in the press that large companies who are still running their businesses on Windows XP are running the risk of infection by not implementing migration to Windows 7 or Windows 8 before Microsoft ceases support for the 11 year old operating system. At Hale IT we work with small and [...]

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Christmas 2012 Opening Hours

Our opening hours over the Christmas period are as follows: Monday 24th December - Open 9am - 1pm Tuesday 25th December - Closed all day (Chistmas Day) Wednesday 26th December - Closed all day (Bank Holiday) Thursday 27th December - Closed all day Friday 28th December - Closed all day Saturday 29th December - Closed [...]

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Jubilee Bank Holiday Opening Hours

Our opening hours over the weekend are as follows: Saturday 2nd June: Closed Sunday 3rd June: closed as normal Monday 4th June: Bank Holiday - closed Tuesday 5th June: Bank Holiday - closed Wednesday 6th June: Open as normal 9am - 5.30pm       We're certainly looking forward to having an extra bank holiday [...]

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Hale IT and Britain’s Got Talent…

It's official, Simon Catterall, our manager, does indeed have talent! Earlier this evening, we finally got to watch The Showbears audition in front of the Britain's Got Talent judges.  We've been looking forward to this for months and it didn't fail to entertain and impress us.  We're proud of you Simon!  Looking forward to seeing [...]

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Easter Opening Hours…

Our opening hours over the bank holiday weekend this year are as follows: Good Friday: closed all day Easter Saturday: open 9.30am - 4pm Easter Sunday: closed Easter Monday: closed all day Tuesday: open as usual, 9am - 5.30pm   Happy Easter from everyone at Hale IT!

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Refurbished Laptops for sale

We have a number of refurbished laptops in the shop at the moment.   The second-hand laptops are in good condition and include a Sony Vaio, an IBM, a Compaq and an Acer.  All quality brands and fully cleaned up and ready to be used. If you, or anyone that you know, are interested in them [...]

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ASA bans BT ad…

A recent BT advert has been banned after the Advertising Standards Agency found that the claims that BT had made could backed up . The ASA concluded that viewers could have been left thinking amongst other things, that BT  had the most reliable wireless connection.  BT could not substantiate this. More details on this story [...]

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Computer Tuition in Altrincham and Cheshire

Over the last few years, I have carved out my own niche within the business.  As a qualified and experienced primary school teacher, it was certainly a change of direction for me when I decided to be involved with the daily running of Hale IT.  What it has led to though, through chatting to customers [...]

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