Apple release Yosemite OS: Love it or hate it?

Apple has completed the redesign of its mobile software, including iPhone and iPad, and has now updated its recently released Yosemite desktop Operating System. With all its advanced new features it follows in the footsteps of mobile OS platforms with a minimal design and a focus on connectivity. It has better message notifications and upgraded [...]

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Windows login issues are bit like teenagers…

In many ways computers are much like teenagers, one day they’re up and ready to go first time of asking (they might even make you a cup of tea!), and the next day they lie in bed until Noon refusing to start the day no matter what inducements are offered. Older versions of Windows often [...]

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Will your phone survive until your iPhone 6 upgrade?

We all know that having a cracked screen is no fun, especially when that shiny new upgrade is so tantalisingly close; its bigger screen; updated functions; and faster processor. It’s just a shame that we can’t have them right now. At £539 the new iPhone 6 might well be tantalisingly out of most our reaches. [...]

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Recovering lost data when hard drives fail

Hard drives fail. This is a PC fact of life. Storing your irreplaceable info on your hard drive, then experiencing a failure can be a frightening occurrence. Is it possible to recover the family photos, financial data, work documents or passwords that you always ’meant to back up’, but didn't? There may be hope, don’t [...]

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A crashed hard drive doesn’t have to crash your day

When a hard drive crashes it can mean disaster; lost files; irreplaceable photos; interrupted work; anger management issues and a visit to the computer shop for a repair or replaced hard drive. But what if your computer crashes and it isn't the worst thing that can happen? For many its wishful thinking, for others it’s [...]

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Don’t let Freddy Krueger into Your Computer

You wouldn’t let a complete stranger into your house without checking their ID and credentials first, would you? So why open an email from a source that doesn’t look right? Email filters do a great job in separating junk mail but, sometimes, the junk gets through. Opening an email from your mate Dave entitled “You [...]

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Christmas 2013 Opening Hours

Our opening hours over the Christmas period are as follows: Tuesday 24th December – Open 10am – 1pm Wednesday 25th December – Closed all day (Christmas Day) Thursday 26th December – Closed all day (Bank Holiday) Friday 27th December – Open 10am – 4pm Monday 30th December – Open 10am – 4pm Tuesday 31st December – Open 10am – 3pm Wednesday [...]

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