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Do laptops bounce?

Have you ever taken a sledge hammer to an old piece of computer hardware? Satisfying isn’t it? It’s the same pleasure we get when we throw our junk over the barrier at the local household waste facility As we watch it crash to the bottom of a, preferably empty, container. When breakages happen by accident [...]

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** When Things Go Wrong * Virus Infection and Removal **

During and after every school holiday, we notice an increase in the number of virus infected computers that are brought into the shop for repair.  At these times, children are using computers more at home and when they're not sure of how to surf the internet without leaving themselves open to a virus infection, problems [...]

** When things go wrong Part One: Broken Laptop Screen **

When, recently, I heard a shout from the living room, I wondered what on earth could have happened.  What I found when I went to investigate was a very interesting pattern displayed on the laptop screen accompanied by a huge crack on the left hand side. My first thought was that one of the children [...]

Apple Mac Repairs in Altrincham, Manchester & Cheshire: iPhones, MacBooks & iPads

Apple Mac Repairs and Support As well as supporting and maintaining Windows based computer systems, we also repair Apple products. Whether you have an MacBook, iMac, iPad, iPhone, iPod, we can resolve issues you may be experiencing with them for you and get them working again for you in a cost effective way. Some Common [...]